Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Autumn Grace #8: My Heart is Full of a Symphonic Feast

Dear friends,

What a gift today!

My little girl and I had an amazing last minute opportunity to go see the "Nature in Music" children's symphony concert presented by the Orlando Philharmonic at the Bob Carr auditorium. 

We had just gotten back from the library this morning, and I decided to check my e-mail before we started math. That's how, at 10:45 AM, I found out that we could go to the concert because another family in our new home school group couldn't make it. We jumped in the van and arrived downtown by 11:15. 

I remember thinking "Feast! Feast! Feast!" a few weeks ago at the Morse Museum of American Art, and today was the same, just with music. I can't even remember the last time I had the privilege of attending a symphony concert, and my heart is full. I especially appreciate that they kept it kid-friendly, with a lively narrator, pictures and words on the screen to help them understand, and the theme of "Nature in Music." There was an opera singer, and ballet dancers, and a conductor who shared his own thoughts about the music before each song.  All of the pieces had something to do with nature - seasons, weather, mountains, planets, trees, birds, and more. I don't have time right now to round up YouTube videos for each selection, but here are two, and I'll try to do the other seven or so during this Autumn Grace series.

"Jupiter" by Gustav Holst

"Spring" from Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi
(All of the seasons are in this clip, but we only saw "Spring")


On the way home, we decided to eat at the Chick-Fil-A where my daughter was working the lunch shift. She was in the back, so we didn't see her, but I was so surprised and delighted to see my friend Lisa and her teenage daughter there. We had a lovely lunch together, especially sweet since we live in different parts of town and rarely see each other.

On another note, today is my dear mother's 76th birthday, bittersweet since she passed away last year. She loved music, and she and my dad made sure to take us to concerts, plays, museums, and natural wonders all the time when we were growing up. They also provided all three of us with music and/or art lessons, as well as whatever books interested us. I'm grateful for that legacy, and I'm trying to pass that down to my own children. Take a look at the photo tribute I wrote about her.

Mom and I in Harper's Ferry in late 1970's -
I love that mysterious smile of hers!
Much love,
Virginia Knowles

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