Monday, October 20, 2014

Autumn Grace #20: "Accept My Full Heart's Thanks" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

"Accept My Full Heart's Thanks"
By Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Your words came just when needed. Like a breeze,
Blowing and bringing from the wide salt sea 

Some cooling spray, to meadow scorched with heat 
And choked with dust and clouds of sifted sand,
That hateful whirlwinds, envious of its bloom,
Had tossed upon it. But the cool sea breeze
Came laden with the odors of the sea 
And damp with spray, that laid the dust and sand 
And brought new life and strength to blade and bloom. 

So words of thine came over miles to me, 
Fresh from the mighty sea, a true friend's heart,
And brought me hope, and strength, and swept away
The dusty webs that human spiders spun
Across my path. Friend - and the word means much -
So few there are who reach like thee, a hand
Up over all the barking curs of spite,
And give the clasp, when most its need is felt,
Friend, newly found, accept my full heart's thanks.

I'm not as much into the beach as I am a garden, a forest, a lake, or a mountain. 

Those would be the wellspring of my own nature similes, rather than the ocean spray.

Yet I fully understand about the words, the kindness, the soul refreshment.

I've experienced life-giving friendship.
For this, I give thanks.

Virginia Knowles

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