Friday, October 10, 2014

Autumn Grace #10: Beethoven's 6th Symphony, 4th Movement

Dear friends,

I'm setting up a new laptop that has amazing audio, and, thanks to YouTube, enjoying some of the musical pieces that we heard at the Orlando Philharmonic "Nature in Music" children's concert this week. I posted two of them (Vivaldi's "Spring" and Holst's "Jupiter") on Wednesday. Here is another one, this time Beethoven's 6th Symphony, 4th Movement as performed by the London Symphony Orchestra. As the narrator and conductor explained to the children, this piece portrays a thunderstorm. See if you can hear it.

[Here is another one: Ombra Mai Fu by Haydn.]

I've been researching laptop options on-line for quite a while and thought I found a great one on sale at Staples today. While we were in the store, my 13 year old daughter found an even better one (bigger screen and more disk space) for the same price. It's always nice to have an extra pair of eyes watching out for my interests! 

So now I have the fun of getting all of my files transferred over before I take my old one in for much needed repairs. It has several things wrong with it, and I expect it to completely crash anytime now. Fortunately, I bought the extended accidental warranty, but I know it's going to be away from us for at least a few weeks. When it comes back, I'll pass it along to the kids so they won't keep borrowing mine. It will be nice to have a laptop all to myself. Maybe this one will last longer if I can keep their hands off of it. Wish me luck.

That's my autumn blessing for the day. I still have the weekend to set it up before we start back with our home school schedule on Monday.

Grace and peace,
Virginia Knowles

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  1. Few things freak me out as much as having a new computer that needs to be set up and have files transferred to it. Thank heavens for a daughter who knows about such things. Aunt Nancy (why do I have to choose a profile; I have no idea what most of them are.)