Saturday, October 25, 2014

Autumn Grace #25: The Pumpkin Patch


I've taken two trips to the pumpkin patch at the local Methodist Church, one with my youngest on Friday and the other with my three youngest today.

My little one thinks this looks like
a peeled tangerine!

Call it a bumpkin.

Goose neck gourds

Elf house gourd in front

We bought several mini pumpkins and gourds. The big pumpkins were a bit more expensive so we bought one later at Walmart for less than $4. Even though this doesn't show all of them, I like this photo with natural light through my window. My favorite is the star shaped mini pumpkin.

The last time I visited a pumpkin stand was about two years ago on a visit to Maryland. You can see those photos here: Apple Picking, Fritters, and Goofy Gourds at Larriland Farm

If you would like to see indexes of previous Autumn Grace posts, you can find them on my main blog here: #1-10 and #11-23.

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