Saturday, October 18, 2014

Autumn Grace #18: A Little Scattered Gratitude

Dear friends,

A little scattered gratitude for the day...

First, my youngest son, in 6th grade, is a talented artist. One of his drawings is displayed the Winter Springs art festival in the student booth! Way to go, Ben! The show continues tomorrow (Sunday) from 10 AM - 5 PM. The class assignment was to draw a tree house in perspective. 

Second, a couple of days ago I noticed a sharp spike of page visits showing up on the stats for my Watch the Shepherd blog. Apparently Relevant Magazine embedded a link to one of my posts in their article What Mark Driscoll Teaches Us About Grace and Accountability. Considering that my article was written in March 2012, and I usually only average about 40 hits a day on that blog, getting nearly 1,200 page visits on just that one post over a three day period is amazing. I should say it is my most popular post there, with over 12,000 page visits since I wrote it. I am grateful for this traffic to my blog and that my writing has a continued impact on others. However, I am not happy about the circumstances that have kept Driscoll and other errant church and/or home school leaders in the limelight in recent years. When will the rampant abuses stop? It will stop when Christians cut the donations (that often don't even go where they're intended), cut the adulation of celebrity preachers and authors, cut the blind acceptance of whatever is taught in the name of Godliness, and cut the apathy to their hypocrisy. That should do it. Take a stand and say, "Enough already!" (And that's enough from me on that subject right now. I do need to sleep tonight.)

Third, my CPAP breathing machine that I used for sleep apnea died a few weeks ago. My dad brought me the one he wasn't using any more as a replacement. Unfortunately, he had been prescribed a different setting for air pressure, and this can only be changed by a CPAP technician using a doctor's prescription. Colonial Medical Supply had quoted a fee of $60 to do this, so I called my doctor and asked her to send over the prescription I had gotten when I had the sleep study done last year. However, when I got to the store this morning, the lady did it in less than a minute. When I started pulling out my wallet, she cheerfully told me that she wouldn't sleep at night if she had charged me any money for that. Yay! Maybe now I will get my decent night's sleep! And I know where I'll be going if I ever need medical supplies!

I could keep listing more things, but three is enough for now. What makes you grateful today?

Virginia Knowles

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