Thursday, October 23, 2014

Autumn Grace #23: Fall in the 50 States (and Other Lovely Links)

Dear friends,

Gorgeous!  You've got to see these stunning photos of autumn in all 50 states. Here's the link: Fall In The 50 States: 50 Beautiful Images Of Autumn In America

Here is the Tennessee photo:

Then, if you're in the mood for more photos of a different kind, check out: Amazing Photos Of Microscopic Subjects From The 2014 Nikon Small World Competition
Can you guess what this is?
Photo by Mr. Charles Krebs

Which one is your favorite in each set?

All I know is that I have got to get myself a decent camera!

days of grace resize
Grace in the Dark by Katharine Barrett (whose meme got my 31 Day of Autumn Grace series started) - good thoughts for those who are missing the color in life


Quick and Easy Harvest Costume Ideas from Little House on the Valley - so cute and un-scary!

quick and easy harvest costume ideas

What have you been reading on-line this week? Share links, please!

Virginia Knowles

This post is #23 in my 31 Days of Autumn Grace series.

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  1. I love all of the fall photos. The pictures of colors changing are always so beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

    -Lara @ Methodical Living