Friday, October 3, 2014

Autumn Grace #3: If Each Day Had Four Seasons

Dear friends,

If each day had four seasons...

morning would be 
   the fresh start of spring, 
afternoon would be 
   the busy fullness of summer, 
evening would be 
   the winding down of autumn, 
and nighttime would be 
   the dormancy of winter.  

I think of my own days.

Morning may be the springtime of the day, but I'm not one to leap out of bed early and jump right into full activity. I tend to sprout and bloom slowly until I am alert and ready to roll with the day. I could be a whole lot more productive around the house before most of my kids get up. Maybe a little more spring in morning step? Maybe this mom should be more of a busy bee? There is always so much more to do.

In my season analogy, I think of summer as being more of a sunshiney high energy time for the earth. The hours are full, so I might as well go for it and get it done. I spend most of the late morning and early afternoon around the house, usually home schooling my youngest daughter and keeping up with daily laundry and home care. There are also errands to run a little later in the afternoon. This is productivity time for me. I've got my duties and I need to do them, with short breaks interspersed throughout. 

By evening, I'm winding down a bit more in the autumn season of my day. I'm tired but not yet ready to call it a night. Evening is not entirely aimless. It has a purpose. There is still stuff to do, but it's usually more of tying up the loose ends rather than tackling something new and big. I need to clean up after dinner, maybe run an errand I didn't get to earlier, check that the doors are all locked, and make sure nothing is terribly out of order. I shouldn't put these evening tasks off until the last minute and then have to scramble to get them done late at night. I'm not expecting mighty deeds. I can look over my schedule and To Do list for the next day. I can chat with my family, read, write, or just sit still. I can relax and prepare for rejuvenating sleep rather than going full throttle until I drop. Maybe a bit of uplifting inspirational reading, a bedtime prayer, and quiet music to set my heart at ease?

At nighttime, I rest, just like the earth does during winter. Mama Bear hibernates. There's this wonderful thing called my bed. I've got my two pillows, one for my weary head and one to tuck under my side. I pull the comforter over me, take off my glasses, and close my eyes. Other than waking up a few times to flip to my other side, I'm zonked until morning. I'm thankful I don't suffer from insomnia as I did years ago when I would lie awake in the wee hours. Sleep is a gift.

There is a time and a season, a rhythm for living out our hours and days. We gear up, get it done, wind down, and then stay still until we start it all over again. I'm not yet where I need to be with this rhythm, this routine. I could use more self-discipline, new habits, healthy margin and boundaries. That's another way that this mom can grow up.

What about you? What makes your day-seasons flow? Give us your best tips!

Grace and peace, 
Virginia Knowles


  1. What a great analogy...I love it. :) Thanks for the post!

  2. I've read this a few times. It gets better with each read. Thanks so much. Your wisdom is a gift.