Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Autumn Grace #1: 31 Days of Autumn Grace!

days of grace2

Dear friends,

I noticed on Katherine Barrett's blog that a lot of folks are posting every day in October with a 31 Days of Autumn Grace theme. I want to get in on it! I guess I've got only a few minutes left to post this for October 1!

Anyway, Happy Autumn to y'all!

It doesn't feel like it much here in Florida, but that's OK. I've got my house pretty much all decorated, as you can see here: Ready for Autumn Decorating?

I tend to be a rather philosophical chick, so I'm sure I'll be posting some about seasons of life this month.

Oh! Let's get October going right and remember that it's awareness month for both domestic violence and breast cancer - two issues of especially vital importance to women.  You may not be personally dealing with either one, but I'll bet someone that you know is affected. Click those links, read up, be aware, and do something to help!

I'd love to hear from you any ideas for autumn themed blog posts! I'm sure I'll be wracking my brain, so any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated!

Virginia Knowles

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