Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Autumn Grace #28: Hard Stories and Resilience

I'm sick and tired today. I think it must be the flu or a cold. I've spent a lot of time in bed. 

My daughter has been very good at staying quiet and even continuing with her home schooling. She did her grammar sitting on my bed. She read two books about George Washington to me this morning while I was lying down (I read a little, too) and watched Liberty Kids shows on YouTube while wearing her Spider Man mask. Why yes, we are studying the American Revolution right now! She loved the story of Molly Pitcher from a book yesterday - how she carried water to the parched soldiers in the midst of battle, and then took over the cannon when her husband collapsed. I can't even imagine living back then with all of the hardships, but two of my ancestors, Captain Samuel Ransom and Captain Alexander Quarrier, fought in that war. I reckon Spider Man might have come in handy.

All that to say that I'm not up to writing much of anything terribly complicated today. But that's all right with me! Here, instead, are links to two great articles by friends of mine on facing challenges in life. I especially appreciated these since I am not stranger to heartache, frustration, and even failure. It seems my mantra is, "Just pick yourself up and keep moving along." Of course, on days like today, it's more like, "Just lay yourself down and get some rest." I'll be back to that in a little bit.

Anyway, the posts!

Ruth and I taught the same bunch of middle school kids last year in a private school. She taught math and science in the mornings, and I taught English and American history in the afternoons. She has since moved back up north, but I still love reading the wise words on her blog. Here is her latest post: 

(Note: The "God is Good All the Time" picture at the top of this post is of a sign hanging in the school where Ruth and I taught last year. I thought she might like that "blast from the past" and it fits so well with her post.)

Courtney and I go to the same church. I got to know her a little better at a ladies' night at a friends house, and it was so good to hear part of her story. You will be blessed to read her latest blog entry: 

So there you go! 

Now I'm going back to bed!

Growing up, too!Virginia Knowles