Thursday, October 30, 2014

Autumn Grace #30: To Feed Your Soul


Nothing long from me today - just two more links to feed your souls. I've been in bed still sick, and my daughter just brought me some dinner she'd made. I decided to use a few minutes of quiet lucidness for my daily Autumn Grace. (My computer is in my nice dark bedroom.) 

The Pilgrim Life by Tonia Peckover at Study in Brown. (I subscribe through Bloglovin - and I'm always lovin' what she writes. She speaks to the poet in me.)

Are You Who You Want to Be? by Catherine Claire Larson at Live Expectantly (This one was shared on Facebook. Thank you to whomever did that. I am too foggy to remember.)

There you go. The flowers at the top are from aunexpected visit to Kewanee Park wedged in between errands last week. Like Tonia and Catherine, I like to take full advantage of my solitary moments and fill them with beauty and meaning. You can find other photos from that trip to Kewanee in my hymn post Kyrie Eleison, which also has some amazing music by Keith and Kristyn Getty.

Virginia Knowles


  1. Thank you for the link, Virginia! I hope you are feeling better! It's been so cold and rain where I am, I hope you are tucked up somewhere and warm. (Poet heart to poet heart. Love that.)