Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Simply Spring Series Recap and Links

Hello friends!

It's almost the official start of summer, and I just finished out my weekly Simply Spring blog series! Now for your clicking pleasure, I've got a recap, photo, and links for all 14 posts.

#1: Pretty and Practical at Home

This post introduced the Simply Spring series, as well as the Pretty and Practical theme within the series. It's everything like home decorating, chalk art, encouraging my kids to be responsible, keeping the van clean, keeping my garden alive, and more.

Like the previous post, this one is another smorgasbord of little things decorating and organizing, with lots of links to other related posts, and even a music video.

Round three of the little household stuff! Dishes, carpet care, my word stones, decorating, gardening, and lots more!

I got the living room decorated just in time for Easter, but that doesn't mean we had a picture perfect holiday. I tried to keep things simple, but there can always still be a lot of stress, right? It's a good things Easter isn't about perfection, but the hope of redemption!

More chalkboard art, a little inspiration, and how I'm using Google Calendar and doing finances on Mint.

Photos and inspiration from a ladies' retreat in scenic Mt. Dora, a peek at compassionate entrepreneurship, and another music video!

#7: Even More Pretty and Practical

Reaching out to our homeless friends, getting inspired by biographies, exercising my injured back, culling my book collection, storing my stuff, solving problems, and most of all, not comparing my house to someone else's!

#8: The Merry, Merry Month of May

Family news, kids' chores, and more!

#9: Mother's Day and Meltdowns

More real life confessions, a family picture of all 18 of us, as well as a lot of encouraging motherhood links for when times get rough and my favorite 1950's motherhood essay. Enjoy!

#10: Pretty and Practical Continues

I'm still dreaming of living in a simple little cottage someday! But in the meantime, it's real life daily stuff like birthday parties, preparing to sell used books, switching out curtains, and trying to keep my current home pretty and practical!

#11: Americana and Bird Decor

I decorated my hallway in Americana and my living room with a bird theme. It's all about being creative, looking for deals, making do with what I already have - and enjoying my liberty!

#12: Trades of Hope

What is a Compassionate Entrepreneur? How can we truly help families living in Third World poverty? Click over and find out!

#13: My Butterfly Kitchen

Back to decorating! I've got the butterfly thing going on in my kitchen now! And I've got some purely practical kitchen organizing and cleaning stuff to share, too.

#14: My Bedroom and Bathroom

My final Simply Spring post! I close out the series with a bit about decorating and organizing my bedroom and bathroom. It started with the curtains, but it certainly didn't end there! Take a peek!

There you go!
Have fun!

Grace and peace,


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