Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Spring Cleaning and Creating in My Blue Haven

My Blue Haven
(my bedroom),
ready for spring cleaning!

Here we go!

Everything off the desk 
and its bookcase...
Wipe it all down! 

I choose the books I still really want to read this year.
In piles on my bed, I sort them into categories:
spiritual life, health, education, family life, 
creative thinking, life management, and decorating.
I put the other books on another bookcase,
or in bins to sell or give away. Clutter must go! 


I removed the colorful cart
that held many of my papers.
It was too wobbly and too bright.
But now I needed a place to store them.
I turned my bottom desk drawers
into file drawers: kid stuff on the left,
adult stuff on the right.
I bought two large packages of 
colored folders, gathered my papers
from the cart and elsewhere,
and got busy. Very busy.
I'm still not done.
And oh yes, I threw a lot away!

I still needed something alongside
my desk to hold miscellaneous stuff
like mail, purse, book bag, 
wet wipes, makeup kit.
I bought this cart at IKEA for $30.
I priced similar ones at $60 at other stores,
but saved money by assembling it myself. 

Much better, thank you!

A much more streamlined look, I think.
I removed some stuff from the top shelf,
like a wicker drawer unit and a box of CDs. 

Then I moved my personal tool box 
(the one in the middle)
from my bottom left desk drawer 
to make room for all those files.
The box on the left holds 
soft pastels and markers.
The one on the right has 
health insurance books and papers.

On to the bedside...

My blue tabletop globe lamp broke,
so I've been using a desk lamp.
I didn't like the looks of the lamp base
with its organizer thingy,
so I set it in a blue box.
I don't like it too bright at night,
so I replaced the bulb with a blue one,
which gives it a softer glow.

A view through my kaleidoscope.
I am such a kid at heart.

I painted the platter at a pottery shop.
as you can see more here: My New Blue Art.
Read about my Seven Gifts board here: Seven Gifts.
One of the seven gifts I have is my home.
I like to care for my blue haven.
Another of the seven gifts is my health.
I have to remember to take all of my pills every day.
A letter holder that had been on my desk
now holds my weekly medicine organizer
right where I can see it.

Another camouflage job to do:
my CPAP nighttime breathing machine.

I bought a "fat quarter" at Walmart. 

Then I fastened the fabric to a shoe box
with double sided duct tape.
The back is open for ventilation and hoses.
The little blue gem on top is to show me
where to push the ON button.
(I cut a hole in the box for that.)
And more tulle ribbon.

The porcelain cottage is from 
a local tea shop I visited with the
ladies from my Bible study group.

The blue fabric bins from Ross are $3.99 each.
This one is for stuff I need to reach while I'm in bed.

This one on a high shelf holds my 
medicines and supplements for refilling
my weekly pill box.

These two on a table near my bed 
hold small exercise equipment
(more on that in another post)
and magazines.

The yellow sign had been on my headboard
but now it's on the wall.
I added the fabric banner that I bought.
How can I "create a beautiful day"?

I sure do want to grow!
After all, this blog is called

The tie dye panels I made last year
hang above my rocking chair.
I had mounted the small chalkboard 
and written "delight in diligence" on it.
It just didn't show up well with the lighting angle.
So after a few months I erased it 
and mounted the Choose Joy
painted wooden piece on it instead.

An extra dresser is a great spot
for craft supplies, extra linens, medical supplies.
This is my wood painting drawer.

I think I'll make some 
pencil and pen holders for my desk!
I bought the wood boxes
and ornaments at a craft store.

So I've been cleaning, organizing, and creating My Blue Haven this week. I've had to be resourceful and think of ways to solve some of the practical problems I face in my bedroom and in my life. I want my room to be an inspiring and restful place to sleep, work out, read, write, think, relax, chat with loved ones, and get ready for my day!

I love my blue haven!

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Grace and peace,
Virginia Knowles

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