Sunday, August 2, 2015

Super Summer #6: Mothering My Melody

My youngest child, Melody, turned 10 today! I just posted photos of her two parties on my Virginia's Life, Such As It Is blog at Happy Birthday, Melody, but I also wanted to do a post about her life and what it is like to be her mother.


Melody is spunky and silly and she's a bit of a spit fire! She loves to go places and do things. When the new school year starts in two weeks, she's the only one of my kids who is going to be educated at home. I'm so glad she likes to read great books with me, but she's also always begging for field trips and fun stuff. She loves to chatter and ask questions. True to her name, she is forever singing or humming. She says the cutest stuff. She had a blast with soccer at the Y this spring. Her enthusiasm and energy leave me shaking my tired head. 


You want links to those cute things she's said? You want pictures? You got it! Here goes!


First, a hilarious video from a few years ago...

"Cream Cheese Toast" YouTube video




Life with Melody:

Home schooling Melody:


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