Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Move Forward: Build Habits for the Future

Yesterday evening, stuck at a long traffic light in a construction zone, I amused myself, as I often do, by pointing my camera out the window and snapping pictures. I loved the textures and patterns of the emerging overpass against the blue sky. There's a flyover coming to relieve some of this intersection's traffic congestion! In a couple of years... Yay for then. Boo for now.

This morning, as I lay in bed willing myself to wake up, I amused myself, as I often do, by thinking philosophically. About the traffic flyover. There must be some symbolic significance, some life lesson for me.

Of course.

They are building for the future. Looking ahead. Trying to make life - or at least traffic - run more smoothly for the whole community. But right now there is a lot of expense. Lots of work. Lots of messy looking stuff. Lots of inconvenience for drivers.

How does this apply to me and mine?

I am trying to look ahead to the future. I am trying to build the strong foundations of good habits in my children so their lives will run more smoothly in the future. I went them to go big places to do big things - and not get stuck over and over again like their mama did.

I want them to cultivate the habits of diligence, responsibility, respect, kindness, integrity, and so much more.

But right now? It costs me. Lots of work. Lots of push back. Lots of falling down and getting back up again. Lots of realizing that the example of my own life just isn't cutting it sometimes in each of these areas. Like the overpass constructions, it's a llloooonnnggg process!

I'm working on the example part. As I mentioned in my previous posts, Move Forward in 2015 and Move Forward by Letting Go, I'm trying to get my own life more in order. Yesterday, I decided to try again using the TraxItAll habit tracking app to keep me accountable on several daily health and homemaking habits.

As far as mothering, I also signed up for a 10 day e-mail series from the Teach Through Love web site. It's called Chaos to Cooperation , and it's about effective parenting with connection, respect, and empathy rather than a punitive approach. I've been moving in this direction for years, though I'm not all the way there yet. I haven't seen the whole program and may not agree with everything, but I'm sure there is plenty of good stuff to consider. Join me? It's only day 2! I don't see a spot on her web site where you can still sign up and some of you may eventually read this after the series is all over, but if you send me your e-mail address, I'll be glad to forward each of the daily messages to you. There is also a private FB group that you can request to join. And there is already plenty of information on her blog to keep you busy reading! Here's the graphic that a friend posted on FB that got me to her site in the first place.

The Teach Through Love program is not written from a faith perspective. For that, you might also like to read my blog posts:

What's my motivation for cultivating good habits in myself and for my family?

This spunky little girl right here, her nine older sisters and brothers, and my sweet grandchildren.

I'm building for the future.

Grace and peace,
Virginia Knowles

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