Friday, November 14, 2014

A Plimoth Thanksgiving Party

Today, my little girl and I
attended a Plimoth Thanksgiving Feast
at the home of Kelly
for the home school group 
that we joined this year.

Making a Thanksgiving tree

One of my little girl's leaves

Trying out a quill pen

Our hostess, Kelly, 
loves Jesus and the Bible.
She wanted to share with the children
the story of the pilgrims of Plimoth
(also spelled Plymouth)
and the first Thanksgiving,
with an emphasis on
their devotion to God.

Telling the pilgrim story 

Reading Psalm 100 from
the Geneva Bible,
the translation the pilgrims used

Beautifully decorated home!

It doesn't take a fancy house to be beautiful!
I was immediately drawn to the coziness
and the artful placement of pretty and poignant decor.

I love the fact that Kelly uses her home
to encourage and bless others.
Such sweet hospitality 
really touched my heart.

It made me want to go home
and make my house just as homey.
And she inspired my faith.

Then there was the food!

These side dishes were scrumptious!
I made mashed potatoes from scratch.

Such cute turkeys!
Too bad I couldn't eat one since I don't eat sugar!
(I did have a bite of healthy pumpkin pie
sweetened with local honey.)

I'm still sort of new in the group,
but I love how these ladies have
welcomed me into their hearts.
Two of them took the time
to talk and pray with me today.

Kelly also shared a lot of 
helpful health and nutrition
information with me.
So thoughtful!


Tira and Aracelis


When I first arrived,
I noticed feathers all over the yard.
I wondered if they were for some sort
of Thanksgiving activity.

No, they weren't!
They are from the same birds 
as these eggs.

Have you guessed yet?
These are neck feathers.

Apparently, about 100 peacocks
live in this neighborhood.
Dozens of them roost in 
my friend's tree at night.
Imagine that!

Up on the roof!

We saw this male at another house
on the way out of the neighborhood.

I even brought 
a handful of feathers home.

I am very thankful that we went today.
I feel so blessed and refreshed.

Virginia Knowles

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