Thursday, July 17, 2014

Welcome to This Mom Grows Up!

Welcome to 
This Mom Grows Up!

I originally named this blog "Come, Weary Moms" in 2009 but I'm ready for a new name in a new space, so here we are at "This Mom Grows Up!" in 2014.

I wanted a blog name to reflect the fact that motherhood is a dynamic process. I've been a mom for over 27 years, and I am still learning as I go. The youngest of my ten children is just turning nine, so I have a long time to keep growing up as a mom. In recent years, I've especially seen the need to step up in areas that are new to me. It's quite a challenge! Can you relate?

I am importing all (or at least most) of the old posts here. Please note that all links to these previous posts will probably send you over to the old blog! I just don't have time to change them. Thanks for your patience!

I'll be twiddling with the blog format, and maybe even shifting the focus a bit. Let me know what you think. I really appreciate your feedback.

Feel free to visit my other blogs, too!


Virginia Knowles

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