Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sanctuary (Big Words)

"The circumstances of my life can be so troubling.  

The outward look is not always promising.

What counts is the inward reality, 

the inner focus and perspective and gaze.

It will not happen if I do not purposefully cultivate it --

tend to it, water it, nurture it.

Here the joy, pleasure and delight are revealed.

Here is the sanctuary.

This is not necessarily a place, 

but a space I carve out 

for myself to be in God's presence.

It's a space in my heart and in my time ~ ~ 

a pause, an embrace, a calm rest.

I can carry it with me back into the fray.

Sanctuary is awareness of God's presence...

    set apart

One of my daughters gave me this Psalms journal for my birthday two years ago.  It has short passages from Psalms with room on the facing page to write my own reflections.  I started using it during a particularly frazzled season of life.  Then I stopped.  I picked it up the other day and was struck by a verse with the word sanctuary in the day's passages:  

"Lift up your hands 
in the sanctuary 
and bless the Lord." 
Psalm 134:2

Sanctuary is what I wrote about, and that's what you see in this blog post.   It's another frazzled season of life with the kids starting school and me starting a new teaching job, and lots of other stuff going on, not all of it pleasant.  (Like grieving the loss of my mother.) I need sanctuary.  And that means investing the time that I don't think I have, with the God who turns a meager pile loaves and fishes into an abundant feast.  I come weary and leave refreshed. I think I'll go back and read something I wrote a while back:  Busy, Dizzy and In a Tizzy: Christian Contemplation for Moms and Other Frazzled Folks

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Grace and peace,
Virginia Knowles


  1. "...a space I carve out." That's so true. To often the lack of time tempts me to forget the Sanctuary I'm so in need of. It's up to me to carve the time and space for I need it so much. Excellent post...I have that journal, too.

  2. I believe the Psalms are designed as reminders to bring our weary souls to the Lord and remember His faithfulness. They are always good to read. I try to go through them each month.
    You are so right. It is so important to cultivate our thought life.

  3. Hi Virginia
    The old Psalms and hymns are so sich in their messages, lovely to read them and sing them deep in your heart.
    Blessings XX