Friday, March 11, 2011

New Friday Feature: Favorite Blog Posts

Dear friends,

Every week, I read dozens of encouraging blog posts via Google Reader.  I'd like to share my favorites with you once in a while.  So, most Fridays -- I won't promise all -- I plan to post links to some of the noteworthy ones that I think will bless other moms like me.

Please note that I am recommending the blog posts, not endorsing the entire theology or practice of any of the writers.  I trust you can use your own discernment as you read...

Let's start with these:

Also, not just one post but the whole blog at Abbondanza di Vita, which my daughters Joanna and Rachel are doing during their three month trip to Italy.  Lots of gorgeous photos!  This one of Vernazza is one of my favorites.

Virginia Knowles

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