Saturday, October 4, 2014

Autumn Grace #4: A Day of Art and Bargains with My Kids

Chapel at
Church of the Good Shepherd
in Maitland, Floria

Dear friends,

Today went pretty well for me! A beautiful autumn day, and a gift from God to spend with some of my children.

I drove one of my teen sons to work around 8 this morning - which I hadn't expected to do - and remembered on the way back that a local Episcopal church was having a big rummage sale just a block off of my route. I wandered around there for a little while and ended up with a huge pile of great stuff.

A gigantic teddy bear...

A lap loom...

Fancy red potpourri to go in on my ceramic bowl...

Christmas stockings with the middle names of two of my daughters, as well as three other knit stockings...

And a whole lot more - a scooter, a lovely silk plant, a pair of shoes, a white board, a child's sun hat, three new bibs, a Christmas tray, and probably a few other things - all for $15. Sweet!

At home, I presented the kids with their share of these treasures, and then got ready to take another teen son to meet up with a friend.

That done, the three youngest and I headed to the Maitland Art Under the Stars Festival at Lake Lily, one of my favorite places in the area.  (See A Visit to the Waterhouse Residence Museum at Lake Lily.)

First, the student art from local schools...

A glass arts booth...

I love these apple paintings by Ana Maria Cano Firgau, who is from Venezuela and is very friendly. She also offers them printed on coasters, trays, and other items. You can visit her web site at

Photographer Nancy Morland patiently took the time to talk to my little girl about the importance of butterfly habitats. I remember her chatting with us last year, too.  I have to say, I was most drawn to the photography booths. Beautiful!

Wood art...

Water birds...

We finished up at the art festival around 1 PM, and had enough time to go back to the church rummage sale before picking up my son from work at 2 PM. By this time, everything was marked to half off and they were giving a lot of stuff away free, too. We piled up more goodies. My stash this time?  A pile of curriculum to use in home schooling. All free.

I had my iPod camera with me this time, so I also took time to photograph the chapel on the opposite end of the property. This is not as random as you think. The memorial services for my husband's paternal grandfather and grandmother were held in this chapel, and his father's in the adjacent main sanctuary. I'm rather sentimental like that. I was wishing I could get inside and take pictures of the stained glass windows with the outside light illuminating them. As I was leaving, a caretaker offered to unlock the doors for me, but I was out of time. Maybe soon, though. The chapel was built in 1883 and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

I love art!
I love bargains!
I love to spend time with my kids!
Today I got all of that and more!

Virginia Knowles


  1. You are a true Hess.

  2. What a great day! I love a good rummage sale and that chapel is beautiful!